AspireTM is an industry-promoted, award-winning social enterprise in India, focused on Employability, Entrepreneurship & Leadership education for schools, colleges and universities. Aspire’s education products include Global Content and Certifications: RoboticProTMwith CMAsia, Singapore;. Founded by Amit Bhatia in 2007, Aspire has trained over 63,000 students across 100 institutions in 16 Indian states since inception. Declared “Education Czar” by Mint (2008); profiled as “Who’s Next” by Fast Company (USA, 2011); adjudged Winner of the John P. McNulty prize in 2012; recognized as “Young Turk” by CNBC (2012); and, featured by Business Today amongst “66 Reasons to Keep Your Faith in India” in their 21st Anniversary Issue in January 2013; Aspire enables Educators, Employers and Employees to Grow More.


A : Advantage
Our people, product and services will deliver an enduring competitive edge to our candidates and customers. We will call this “Advantage Aspire”.
S : Speed
We will have a maniacal sense of urgency in building Aspire, including responding to customers and candidates, market expansion, responding to internal & external communications etc.
P : Passion
Aspire is a mission, not a job. We, all partners at the firm, will serve candidates and customers from the heart, because we want India Employed.
I : Integrity
An initiative with a noble purpose can rest only on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Nothing should ever supersede business ethics neither revenues nor profits.
R : Respect for People
We are in a ‘people’ business, dealing with aspiring Candidates, valuable customers and worthy peers. We will always demonstrate highest levels of respect and empathy for all individuals.
E : Excellence
We will deliver the highest quality- at all times, to all constituencies, especially shareholders in everything we do through unwavering focus, global benchmarks, scalable processes, technology and an eye for detail.