Training Courses - ProHire

As a part of the ProHireTM, is designed to enhance the employability and effectiveness at the training stage. It strives to bridge the gap by providing an all-round training to students covering Aptitude Skills, Life Skills including Personality Development & Communication Skills, Industry Skills and Leadership Skills.

  • Enhance employability and industry readiness knowledge, skills and 
  • attitude – through curriculum and content designed for employers by employers.
  • Interface with Industry through guest lectures.
  • Develop real life skills by learning experientially.
  • Build in-house long term delivery capability through Train-the-Trainer programs.
  • Demonstrate superior performance at placements.
  • Demonstrate confidence in social, classroom and work situations.
  • Expand career and compensation opportunities.
  • Multi-channel delivery including instructor-led training, self-paced eLearning, audio & video; interaction with expert trainer once every semester
  • International certification from University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations • Optional Covering Aptitude, English Language and Communication Skills, Vertical (Industry) Knowledge, Horizontal (Job) Knowledge, & Personality Development and Soft Skills.
  • Proprietary content, with standardized content, facilitator guides and student handbooks, developed by industry experts
  • Proprietary pre-and-post-training assessments for every training and employability objective
  • Technology Platform – EEMS – that automates the delivery and assessment processes