For Education & Skill Imparting Institutes

Technology, for us, is not always a new and different way of doing things, but the ease of doing business in a more secure environment.
Whether online or offline, our assessments are made to give the same experience across platforms. However, our solutions also allow for setting
up hubs to ensure a smooth flow for last mile connectivity, in case of requirement.

For Corporates

Our corporate suite services take a comprehensive 360 degree look at all the joints that are likely to show signs of strain & proactively reassure the client of the robustness of the system.

Our L. M. S. (Learning Management System) integrates seamlessly with the clients’ to bring value add in real time.

Although there are many players in the business, We, at Aspire, are proud of services rendered for over 10 years, with 68,000 assessments
completed. We strive to be and do better. Some of the value-adds and differentiators are:

  1. Assessments can be taken in batches, with batch-level analytics. Results can be compared with Life-To-Date data, Percentile Ranking and Question Level Analytics. Results can be generated per candidate with detailed
    descriptions of results by each Topic.
  2. Dynamic Question Bank. Our question banks are dynamic and adaptive. Question can be created in any language, with question and answer options available in text, image, audio clips and video clips, to best assess the particular skill or trait.
  3. Remote Proctoring. Considering the amount of security needed, our proctored offerings start at simple image capturing at random intervals to extensive video proctoring of the entire tenure of the test. Our state-of-the-art software points out in case a candidate tries to cheat the system, with options of reprimanding the candidate to simply force-close the attempt, till the illegal activity is stopped.
  4. Our endeavour is to see you succeed and to that end, we do not stop once you have completed the assessment. Rather, with the results, our
    algorithm points out areas which require your attention or time. After the assessment, our engagement only grows with sharing relevant content, in both free and to-pay options.
  5. Our employment-based pedigree helps you to become visible to some of the top employers in India.


Our assessments are broadly classified into:

Psychometric Assessments
Behavioural Assessments
Situational Assessments
Creative Thinking Assessment
Abstract Reasoning Assessment
‘Saakshar Bharat’ Assessments (1 st jobs for school drop-outs/disadvantaged kids)
Hands-on Computer Skilling.