Reasoning Assessments

Verbal Reasoning Assessment

Tests an individual’s ability to identify the relationship between words and ideas and
communicate effectively in English. Whether it be sentence completion and analogies, aimed at
measuring the ability to use English language communication in the workplace.
Employers can test candidates, looking to identify the extent to which candidates can:
● Identify critical business-related issues and logically draw conclusions from
business-related reading material such as company manuals and reports
● Produce clearly written organizational reports and documents
● Articulate business-related issues in a clear and simple manner to colleagues, managers
and customers.

Abstract Reasoning Assessment

Typically, this assessment aims to identify candidates who show traits of ‘Thinking on their
Feet’. It is the ability of an individual to deal with data and concepts in abstract form and his/ her

ability to solve problems using limited data. It also tests mental perception levels and ability to
understand higher levels of abstraction.
Employers will be able to shortlist candidates who depict ability to
● capable of efficiently learning new skills
● capable of thinking strategically about problems and developments within the relevant
business field
● capable of quickly analysing new information, integrating it to the overall scheme of
things, and applying it to solve work-related problems
● capable of processing and analysing new work-related data in a logical manner.